General Information

Over 50 Years Experience

The Bradley Method has been supporting mothers and training coaches for over 50 years.

High Degrees of Success

Over 86% of Bradley moms have vaginal births without drugs.

Course Content

Nutrition and Exercise

Learn how these effect labor and postpartum, in addition to pregnancy.

Stages of Labor

Familiarize oneself with the anatomy and physiology of the stages of labor. As well, gain crucial labor and coaching techniques.

Planning Your Birth

Receive assistance in identifying your priorities and values in labor and creating your birth plan.

Coach's Role

Benefit from a well-trained coach who understands how to support and advocate for your and baby's well-being.

Variations and Complications

Discuss potential variations and complications in labor and identify options during such circumstances.

Postpartum and Breastfeeding

Examine the details of newborn care, parenting, postpartum, and breastfeeding.

12-Week Format

Soak It In

It takes time to soak in the large amounts of information and become accustomed to the experiences of labor that you are preparing to encounter.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Your body needs time to be trained for the event of labor. Increase your stamina and strengthen your body by continual practice over this period of time.


Class Details

One meeting per week; 2 hours per meeting; 12 weeks total

Class Attendance

Maximum of 8 couples per class, including the expectant mother and her labor coach of choice.

Student Resources

Receive a student workbook upon registration, along with of other resources, including access to my video and book library.

Bradley Community

Join the local Bradley community as you learn alongside other families with similar goals. Encourage one another and remain in touch for years to come.

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