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Our names are Josh and Justine Cain. We’ve been married for 9 years and live in Jacksonville, AL. We have three children. Our oldest is 7 years old and it was during her pregnancy that we were introduced to the Bradley Method®. Our second child is 5 years old and his birth was proof to us that the Bradley Method® can apply to a variety of situations. I gave birth to both children in Charleston, SC under the care of experienced and loving midwives. Now we live in Northeast Alabama where natural birth is becoming more welcomed thanks to the hard work of so many dedicated people in the community. Josh and I were pleased to give birth to our 3rd child at a local hospital under the care of a remarkable physician. Thus far, the Bradley Method® has prepared and guided us in all of our three births. It’s our honor to be the first Bradley Method® instructors in the Northeast region of Alabama and to, hopefully, be an asset to our community as more women and couples are gaining interest in giving birth naturally and being proactive, informed consumers of their medical services.


What We Value

A healthy mother and baby are foremost in our goals. Pregnancy and labor are complex and often prove to be nuanced with each child. We strive to provide evidence-based information, coupled with personal experience for each of our students. As well, we work to prepare every mother and coach physically, emotionally, and mentally for delivery and postpartum. As part of this process, we want to enable our students to make informed decisions and encourage them to have respectful and proactive interactions with their medical team. All of this because we believe you should have the opportunity to experience birth as you so desire.


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